The Windham Technical High School Parent Faculty Organization holds meetings in the school cafeteria on the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. Parents, guardians, friends and faculty are invited and encouraged to attend.

In addition to providing a venue for parents/guardians and faculty to communicate with each other, meetings are set-up to allow for open discussion of ideas, faculty presentations and voting on how to distribute PFO funds so that we maximize the positive impact to students.

Another primary goal of the PFO is to raise funds for student scholarships and other student- or sports-based organizations. This is achieved through various fundraising events throughout the year. We also sell Windham Tech Wear and concessions, have spaghetti dinners and are always accepting donations. There are a variety of ways to help support our school and the PFO! And we are always looking for new fundraising ideas and opportunities!

It’s never too late to join and show your support! We look forward to new faces and new ideas!

Amy Bartlett

Cheri Perkins

Sue Mias

Candy Ferris