Connecticut Technical High School System's Elective course breakdown by program.


2-D Design I (FA610, FA611)
3-D Design I (FA621, FA622)
3-D Design II (FA625)
Advanced Art (FA631, FA632)
Drawing I and II (FA634-FA636)
Floral Design (FA639, FA649)
Painting I and II (FA651, FA655, FA656, FA657, FA757)
Printmaking (FA652, FA658)
Studio Art (FA659, FA660)
AP Studio Art I (FA676)
AP Studio Art II (FA677)

Computer Applications

Computer Applications I (TC619)
Computer Applications II (TC620)
Computer Applications III (TC625)
Computer Applications IV (TC626)

English/Language Arts

Cinema Literacy (EN632, EN633)
Classic Literature on Film (EN634)
Creative Writing (EN636, EN637)
Introduction to Journalism (EN642, EN652-EN654)
Mythology (EN645, EN655)


Band (MU600-MU611)
Chorus (MU616-MU627)
Introduction to Guitar and Advanced Guitar (MU646, MU649)
Introduction to Drum line and Advanced Drum line (MU659-MU661, MU760)
Introduction to Instruments (MU662, MU663)
Instrumental Ensemble (MU651-MU658)
Music Appreciation (MU664-MU666)
Piano/Keyboard I and II (MU680-MU683)
Voice Class (MU634-MU635)
Advanced Music Independent Study (MU690)

Physical Education

Advanced Fitness and Wellness (PE610-PE612)
Body Sculpting (PE620)
Strength and Conditioning (PE630)
Fun, Food and Fitness (PE640, PE641)
Lifetime Activities (PE650, PE651)

Social Studies

Three American Wars (SS686)
Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights (SS710)

Student Development

Academic Access (SD500)
Student Leadership (SD123, SD124, SD130)

World Languages

Foundations of Italian (FL130, FL131)
Foundations of Spanish (FL110, FL111)
Conversational Italian (FL132, FL133)
Conversational Spanish (FL112, FL113)

UCONN Early College Experience Program Courses

Environmental Science (SC659)
General Physics (SC655)
Seminar in Academic Writing (EN608)
Seminar in American Studies (SS716)

Picture Day

Picture Day
Thursday, September 28th is Picture Day! Uniforms before and after are still required unless you have paid for the "Dress Down Day".


Dance the night away at this year's Homecoming Dance! Friday, October 20th, $3 in advance, $5 at the door.

PFO Fundraiser

PFO Fundraiser
Sign up with Mrs. Mias for the Craft Crop PFO Fundraiser on Saturday, 10/7/17, 9-9 at the WT Cafeteria! Cost: Whole day $30, Half day $20.  Learn more

Game Day!

Game Day!
Click on "Learn More" to find out what home games are happening today and come and support your school!  Learn more

STAR Reading/ALEKS Info

STAR Reading/ALEKS Info
Click here for the Parent Academy Power Point on ALEKS and STAR Reading!  Learn more

Toolkit for Families Concerned about Deportation

Toolkit for Families Concerned about Deportation
Click on "Learn More" for valuable information for all families concerned about immigration enforcement.  Learn more


Seniors, check out all the available scholarships you can apply for!  Learn more

Help Wanted

Help Wanted
The Chronicle - Machine Operator; UConn Dining Services - Kitchen Asst, Chef Asst,Catering Coordinator. Call them for more info! (10/4/16)  Learn more

Student Workforce

Student Workforce
CTHSS students can help you with your next big project! A wide range of services are offered across a variety of trades programs.  Learn more